10 years in growth, digital marketing, and business strategy.

I'm known to be a fire starter πŸ”₯and key ignitor, and a digital leader.

A hustler and a do-er, I'm an organiser of chaos for my team. I love finding innovative & efficient solutions to big problems.

Having started as team member #1 in a range of roles at both startups and larger corporations, I relish building processes and teams from scratch, creating the foundation for growth and success.

I believe that successful brands today are built upon two things - story-telling & communities.

My current roles

In addition to consulting for clients, I also wear the following hats:

Social Media Consultant at Change.org

As part of the Global Foundation team, I provide Change.org country teams with consult calls on how to improve their social media strategy to grow their community of petition starters, petition signers and influencers. I also work on toolkits and resources to provide learning insights to all the teams in Latin America, Europe, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, South Africa, Malaysia, and more.

Head of Growth at She Loves Tech

She Loves Tech is the world's largest start-up competition for women and technology.

I work with a dedicated, beautiful team of women who have been building this movement for the last 5 years. My goals for the next 5 years is to bring She Loves Tech fully global, online and digital, while internally creating processes that allow a shift to smarter and more productive work.

We are in the process of building the brand's identity, crafting that unique story that'll connect with not only startup founders, but people like you and I, all while expanding and building deeper relationships within the communities that we seek to inspire and spark conversations with.

Co-founder and partner at Fully Human

Fully Human is a project focused on uncovering what it means to be fully human in all aspects of life, and how anyone can discover their identity and destiny.

I collaborate with my friend Gillian; we have weekly live conversations on Facebook to share our journeys, and also craft social and story-telling strategies for our non-profit clients.

Professionally speaking

If you want to view the full arsenal of my professional history, there’s always LinkedIn.

What I'm currently working on:

πŸ‘‰πŸΌFirst Code Academy

πŸ‘‰πŸΌThe Closet Lover


What I've worked on in the past:





On a more personal note

I am a firm advocate and believer that:

  • We can end global poverty by giving work to people in need. I'm inspired by the late Leila Janah, and am in the midst of discovering what this would look like when it comes to incorporating this into my work.
  • Giving back should be a core aspect of our daily lives. I started Operation Shoebox in 2017, and am now taking time to reflect on what's next for this project.
  • We are called to discover our identity and purpose, and have a destiny and calling to fulfill. As a leader, I naturally incline towards supporting my team members on this journey.
  • Authenticity is the future social currency.

Kate Tan 2020 | Romans 12:2