Get in Touch

I am always open to having conversations regarding innovative ideas, projects, and meeting new people. If you're interested, don't hesitate to book a slot on my calendar.

Why reach out

1. You can help me, and have thoughts and advice for me. I believe that you can learn from anyone and anything, and I'd love to hear from you. If you've feedback or suggestions on any of the work I'm doing now, that's a great reason to connect as well.

2. You believe that I can help you or your organization.

Best platforms

1. LinkedIn. This will give us both a chance to better understand our backgrounds, experience and interests, and a great starting point for our conversation and connection.

2. Twitter. I'm relatively new to Twitter, and am in the midst of learning to use it more. Tweet me @hellokatetan and I'll definitely respond.

3. Book a meeting. Sometimes it just works better to meet someone face to face, and I get it. If our values are aligned, and you're looking to inject some fresh energy into your brand or business, book a time and let's chat.

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